January 31, 2018

China TEFL Requirements


Applicants who do not possess 2 year full-time teaching experience, or a bachelor’s degree in English or Education major must obtain a TEFL certificate to apply for work permit and qualify for Z-Visa in China.

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Some other accepted certifications include TESOL and CELTA. To obtain a work visa for the purpose of teaching English, your TEFL certification program must be at least 120 hours in length, and accredited by an educational institution in an English-speaking country.

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Most importantly, Global TEFL’s certification is internationally accredited and accepted, and all our past applicants using their certificate have successfully obtained work permit in China.

We understand that there is a lot of expense when you travel to China as an English teacher, such as visa fees, flight to China, and cost of living until you get your first paycheck. In order to reduce the financial burden for our applicants, we have worked out a 15% discount for their 120 hour certification program.

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