June 9, 2017

About Us

english-in-china.com is a teacher recruitment website operated by Wise Recruitment Ltd, a company that specializes in job placement for native-level English speakers in China.

Wise Recruitment Ltd. is based in Dalian, Liaoning province, and founded by a Canadian website SEO/SEM expert currently working in China.

Our clients are universities, international schools, language schools, and kindergartens across China, as well as recruitment agencies that require foreign English teachers. We connect each client with applicants who meet their specific needs.

Because we work with educational institutions of multiple type at various locations, our clients are able to quickly find their ideal candidates without inefficiencies such as:
– Hiring experienced staff to maintain a website and an advertisement campaign
– Hiring extra interview staff to handle large quantity of unqualified applicants
– Receiving many applicants who do not meet their specific needs
– Not being able to hire qualified candidates who are interested in working at different cities
– Require many teachers to meet the quota, but cannot hire enough on time

For applicants, using our service has many advantages:
– We have already negotiated a better deal for our applicants at each school
– Higher compensation from finding the right school that requires specific skills possessed by the applicant
– Increased chance of being hired from applying to multiple schools with a single application
– Access to schools that would otherwise only hire foreign teachers through recommendations and walk-in interviews

If you would like to hire with us, please contact: hr@english-in-china.com
Please be noted that we only work with legal entities that are able to supply valid work visa for English teachers, as well as the compensation package for teachers listed in the front page.

If you would like to teach in China, please take a look at our requirements and compensation package, and apply through our online application form.