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Why work in China with us?

Life can be very comfortable for English Teachers in China

Generous Salary

We offer 13,000 to 22,000 RMB per month ($US 2,000 to $3,500), depending on the location, teaching experience, and qualifications. We also offer housing allowance.

To put it into perspective, we are offering at least as much as the JET Program ($30k a year, minus rent to teach in Japan), and 30~60% more than what you would get for teaching jobs in South Korea and the rest of Asia.

The average monthly salary for Chinese locals in Beijing and Shanghai is 8,000 RMB, and 3000~6000 RMB for small and medium-sized cities.

Cheap Cost of Living

Typical monthly spending required for comfortable lifestyle in China is about a third of what it would cost in English-speaking countries.

– Rent (Single apartment): 1,000~2,000 RMB, 3,000+ RMB in Beijing or Shanghai (covered by school)
– Food: 2,000 RMB
– Transportation: 200 RMB
– Mobile/Internet: 200 RMB
– Misc (Toiletries, snacks, clothing etc): 1000 RMB
– Utilities: 200 RMB
– Entertainment: 500 RMB
– Travel: 500 RMB

Total 4,600 RMB.
Save or spend additional 10,000 RMB (about US$1,500) every month!

Choices and Support

We have over 400 schools in our network of 30+ national and regional chains across China.

By applying through us, our applicants get access to very competitive offers from fast-growing regional language school chains that cannot be found elsewhere in the internet, in addition to well-known national chains.

We also provide support for you after your arrival in China. If you encounter any difficulties adjusting to life in China, or problems with visa or school environment, you can contact us directly to get the issues resolved by the school, since we maintain direct contact with school headquarters.

What we offer and requirements


- Monthly salary of 13,000-22,000 RMB per month for 25 teaching hours per week
(Salary varies depending on the location, teaching experience and qualifications)
- Valid work visa (Z-Visa) sponsored by the school
- Rent-free single furnished apartment near your school or housing allowance
- Reimbursement for plane ticket to China upon completion of 1-year contract or yearly bonus
- Paid holidays
- Comprehensive training program to develop your skills as a teacher
- Accident insurance
- Help settling in and solving everyday problems from shopping to doctors’ visit


- Bachelor’s degree or above (Diploma required for visa)
- Under 53 years of age (Below the legal retirement age in all cities)
- Native speaker or fluent in English
- Good health (Health examination required for visa)
- No criminal record (Criminal Records Check required for visa)
One of the following:
- 2 years full-time teaching experience
- 120+ hours TEFL or TESOL certficate
- Willingness to obtain TEFL or TESOL online
- English or Education major for bachelor's degree or above


- Outgoing, responsible, adaptable, motivated and have a positive attitude
- Good with kids

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